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Why Should I Have An Estate Sale?

  1. Estate sales are an efficient way to clear a house of possessions and making the home ready to be on the market
  2. Estate sales are the best way to maximize the sales price for most personal property in a home.
  3. Estate sales help families generate extra income to help with financial burdens.

Why should I hire A company when I can just do a sale myself?

  • Family may find it emotional painful to sort through all the items
  • It is very time-consuming and can be physically and emotionally demanding.
  • An estate sale professional possesses knowledge in the industry that will maximize proceeds.
  • It is a specialized niche that requires tremendous skill to conduct a successful lucrative sale.
  • A professional estate sale company is there to help you through a difficult time while alleviating stress.

How do Estate Sales work?

Preparing for and conducting an estate sale is not easy, but it's a great way to sell contents you no longer need to those who will really enjoy them. An Estate sale professional will handle each and every detail of coordinating, organizing, setting up, dealing with staff and the public. We set the bar high, check our 8 step process under the Our Process tab to read more about how we operate.

What Are the Upfront Costs?

We require no upfront fees in our process. We pay for all setup expenses including advertising and staffing.

What is your commission rate?

Our commission rate is based on a sliding scale.

What is next?

After our initial evaluation and the agreement is signed we start preparing for the sale. There is no need to stress, we are here to help you. We will take care of everything and you won't need to lift a finger.

How do I get paid?

After the sale is completed we start the accounting process. We give you the sales report of everything that has sold. With the choice of getting a certified check mailed to you or a wire transfer.

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