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Our Estate Sale Process


We do an on-site free evaluation and on advise on the next steps. If the home is appropriate for an estate sale, we will explain the contract and choose dates for prep and the sale.


A properly staged home make items more appealing and encourages more shopping. With our creative experience we transform each home into beautiful boutique style displays.


After researching and determining the value of an item, it's tagged with a bar-code price tag. This ensures a smooth transparent sale from start to finish.


The goal is to get many shoppers to attend by promoting through social media, signs, websites and email lists. We also photograph items to attract buyers and advertise on various platforms.

Check Out

Keeping up with the latest technology is key to be efficient and stand out from other companies who still use just a cash register and receipt book. We use a point of sales system with bar-code scanners, cash drawers and credit card processors.


At Meraki, we believe in keeping the home and items safe and secured. With our current process we will keep your mind at ease. We provide a temporary security system and fully staff sales accordingly. If a problem were to arise we are licensed, bonded and insured.

After The Sale

After the final day of the sale is completed all left over items are donated or per the client contract. Once the home is emptied it is then left broom cleaned and key is returned to the client, unless additional services need to be completed.

Final Accounting

Meraki goes beyond the industry standard of handwritten tags and receipts in favor for bar-codes which allows for an accurate final accounting statement. Within 5 business days, a certified check or money wire will be sent to the client. *Client chooses how they will receive payment and accounting statement when contract was originally signed.

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